Following on from the success of the Orangutan Lager we have been working with Graeme Denton and his team at From the Notebook again to bring you a Gorilla Stout. Once again Jacha has created a stunning label for the bottle and Graeme has taken care of the contents!

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Just like with the Orangutan Lager, the charities that will benefit from the sale of each bottle will be Ape Action Africa and Orangutan Appeal UK. We are thrilled to announce that From the Notebook has agreed to continue working with us to bring out a whole range of Ape Beers, after the Gorilla Stout has launched we will be working on a Gibbon Pale Ale, followed by a Chimpanzee and a Bonobo beer.

For more information about the ales in the From the Notebook range head over to their website:

Has there ever been a better excuse to drink beer than knowing you are helping the conservation of apes?